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Shaving can also block your follicles — the casings that hold each hair — potentially causing folliculitis or ingrown hairs. Hi, I got these problem, I made a small wound near my anus, because it was itchy at that time, maybe because of the pubes between scrotum and anus I was scratching then I accidentally scratch some skin off, it bled, by that time I thought it's gonna be like a normal scratch wound that will heal quick, but I was wrong, it's been 5 years now and I still have it, I know I should have gone to see a doctor but I'm too shy to see one or let alone someone looking at my anus. I thought after reading sites like this i had anal fissures and have tried suppositories and ive even had fibre gel drinks to soften the stools even though i do not have trouble normally, going to the loo. I did eat some turkey in small portions. My general referred me to the surgeon who wanted to do a colonoscopy and surgery. Im so scared so show him my rear!! I bleed from my anal area every so often i think this is the time it started to happen not long ago. Okay so when I do pass a bowel movement, it bleed everytime. This can save you some time trimming around your tricky, delicate scrotum skin.


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